All prints are produced on 310gsm Nova paper with borders and each one  is titled, numbered and signed by the artist with a certificate of authenticity.




In producing Anthony John Gray editions we use one of the leading UKs digital printmakers.

The printing process uses the most up to date printing technology and wide range of colours to ensure that the original work is represented as close as physically possible.

For colour we use 12 hexachrome inks, including orange and green. to give the widest possible colour gamut, superb accuracy in colour shades and top end fade characteristics.

Our range of inks is suitable for the most brightest of contemporary art right through to the preservation of subtle shades in both colour and black and white to preserve the full colour of the original artist.



We use a Gretaq colour management system, writing an individual print profile for every image which maintains a complete colour balance between our input devices and final prints.

For the purpose of colour fade all our inks, paper and canvasses meet or exceed the Fine Art Trade Guild minimum recommendations.



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